Financial Wellness Review

Website & App Design

Our bankers are encouraged to go through a Financial Wellness Review with KeyBank clients and prospects to provide a combination of financial wellness and product recommendations. After a combination of banker focus groups and interviews with both bankers and clients, the Studio redesigned the Financial Wellness Review emphasizing a user-centric experience.


To make the process easier for our bankers and clients. We also wanted to increase the likelihood that a client will bank exclusively with Key through a process of cross-selling and deepening of client relationships.


Misalignment within stakeholders, some of which already had a solution in mind. And, ultimately, there was a lack of clear metrics established up-front.


A easy-to-read flow that rapidly builds trust and confidence between clients and bankers.
A reimagined experience with a focus on relationships while also highlighting the products that would truly benefit them.
We effectively evangelized the power of our five-step design thinking process.