Award-Winning Consumer Digital Savings Tool

Product Design

EasyUp® by KeyBank makes it possible to save hundreds of dollars a year using a KeyBank debit card. It also gives clients the option to transfer this savings to pay down an existing debt. So whether they're using it as a tool to save efficiently or to make progress on reducing a credit card balance, EasyUp helps them achieve their goals faster.


Create a feature that demonstrates Key's commitment to financial wellness. Something distinctly marketable that provides value to our clients while promoting saving and the opening of new savings accounts.


To design, test, and do user research to create a financial wellness tool that our clients would want to use. A feature that's simple to set-up, pause, and customize in online banking. And we had to do it fast! 


A 70 Net Promoter Score. That's the likelihood to recommend EasyUp to their friends and family.
4 out of 5 clients say it helps them make financial progress against their goals.
$415 saved per year, on average. Top 20% of clients saved an average of $700 per year.
68% of clients said they use it to save for a goal. The rest use it to pay down a debt.