ATM Experience

Industrial Design

An out-of-the box software upgrade for all KeyBank ATMs created unforeseen issues for clients and our branch colleagues. The new touch-screen experience didn't account for buttons that clients were used to pushing when using the ATM. The new withdrawal interface was overly complicated and not intuitive. Combine that with the buttons that no longer worked and a lot of transactions were timing out, cards were getting eaten by the machines, and clients were ending up with their money in denominations that they hadn't expected. They'd then have to go into the branch to get help, causing a lot of frustration for everyone involved.


To restore faith in KeyBank ATMs after a software change that drove down client satisfaction scores.


Use design thinking process to identify user-centered solutions that make using the ATM hardware more intuitive for clients.


Prototyped and tested low-cost mirrors to cover up the buttons that no longer worked with the added benefit of increasing security. These were later installed on all KeyBank ATMs. 
Changes to hardware and the denominations screens drove big improvements in client Net Promoter and Customer Effort scores. 
Renewed trust in the ATMs for branch managers and tellers who'd been distracted and challenged by the changes.
Provided design-thinking driven research and other data for the ATM team to leverage for future projects.